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All of the letters are translated from Hebrew

From: Dr Zvi Zameret:

Director of Pedagogic Affairs.

The Israeli Ministry of Education

Dated: 11/01/2011

Dear District Managers, Education department directors, school principals, class tutors and teachers,

Re: A Recommendation for the book and curriculum for Primary and Junior High Students: “Simply Me” / Dr. Orly Katz, Agam Books Ltd.

I would like to warmly recommend the book series “Simply Me” for teenagers together with the educational school program that accompanies it.- Teacher’s Kit: “Simply Me-Life Skills Lessons”, directed towards Primary and Junior High students.

The author, Dr. Orly Katz has, with great insight, provided an innovative solution to an existing problem which should be on the agenda of the Israeli Education System.

The book “Simply Me” talks straight to teens at their own level, imparting life skills in a perceptive and sensitive fashion, using true stories about adolescence as well as exercises and questionnaires.

Readers discover six keys which unlock ways to cope with issues and dilemmas which they have to deal with while growing up:

Dealing with peer pressure, Facebook, the difference between telling on someone and reporting something, attentive listening, positive thinking and more.

The “Simply Me” program includes an individual copy of the book for each student and a teacher’s Kit which does not require any prior special training to be used. Teachers can use the books and kit for relevant, effective and interesting life skills lessons throughout the school year.

In view of the above, I recommend joining the program and working with it during the class teacher’s lessons throughout the year.

I am certain that both you and your students will enjoy reading the book and find it a valuable experience,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Zvi Zameret

Director of Pedagogic Affairs.


From:  Dr Avi Zafroni

Ort-Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network

Dated:15th April 2010


Orly Katz,


I am filled with thanks and appreciation for your book “Simply Me” intended for teens, helping them to develop and improve their life skills.

Having read the book thoroughly I am most impressed with its content and with the clear presentation, which is especially suited to a teenage readership.

The true life stories add a fresh feel to the text and together, along with the exercises, test-yourself questionnaires and comics, help make the book into a guide for teenagers.

I am convinced that teachers and educational advisors will gain great benefit from the book both through refresher courses for teachers and through workshops with students.

I have notified the school principals about the subject and have recommended that they accept your proposal.  I am forwarding to you a copy of my letter to them,

Wishing you continued success,

Dr. Avi Zafroni

Director of the Department of Educational Values



From:  Mr Halevy

Director of the Department for Youth and Society

Haifa District


Mrs Orly Katz


I wish to thank you myself and on behalf of the Youth and Society Department supervisors for the interesting and enlightening lecture that you gave on Sunday (2.5.10)

The lecture on how to be “Simply Me” through “6 Keys” was presented in a uniquely creative fashion and fascinated us all.

Your book “Simply Me” which I read parts of from time to time really does succeed in teaching life skills through real life stories.  

I have asked the various division heads in the department to include your lectures in the school year calendar for staff teaching educational and social values.

With best wishes,

A. Halevi.



From: Gideon Taran

Deputy Pedagogic Director

‘Reali’ School Haifa

Dated 5th May 2010

Hi Orly,

Delighted to be linked up with “simply Me”…



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