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Simply Me Masters:
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Continue your education with our accredited online training course for coaches, facilitators, mentors, therapists, lecturers & psychologists.

Why an online course?

No need to leave home!
No need for a babysitter!
No need to worry about parking!
You can sit in your pajamas and slippers
with a cup of coffee anywhere, anytime,
and simply have fun learning!

Earn 2 - 4 CEUs and a certificate:

Earn the number of CUEs that match your needs!
Earn a certificate that records your CEUs, contact hours, and course completion!

Start now and study at your own pace:

All courses are self-paced so you can learn at your convenience –
morning, afternoon, evening, night.
No need to be online at a specific time!

A great tool box of educational materials:


Innovative and original theory presented through:


Simply Me Bonuses, as part of the course



Evaluate your progress:

Assess your learning progress with the following:

Receive grades and feedback on your performance.
Sessions CEUs Tuition Opening Date
1-8 2 $259 (with CEUs)
$229 (without CEUs)
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1-12 3 $349 (with CEUs)
$319 (without CEUs)
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1-16 4 $439 (with CEUs)
$409 (without CEUs)
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Course Description:


Dear coaches, facilitators, mentors, therapists, lecturers and psychologists,

Would you like to:

And above all, would you like to change, influence and allow your clients to be Simply Me?

Now you can!



Our online course - Simply Me Masters - includes:


This course (2-4 CEUs) provides you with tools for your personal empowerment through games, exercises, stories, activities, questioners and innovative theory.

Once you have experienced the program first-hand, you will receive training on how to independently impart these tools to your clients (at all ages), based on the Simply Me Model:

6 simple and easy to implement Keys that will reveal the secret of how to build character and raise self-confident children: children who know how to be Simply Me!


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Become an influential, meaningful and empowering figure in the lives of your clients (adults and children).

Acquire the ability to give workshops, lectures, fascinating and innovative courses and leave your mark on adult and young generations!

Course Learning Outcomes:


During the course we’re going to learn:

Lots of action and fun ‒ so let's get started!


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Enrich yourselves with original games, exercises, stories, questionnaires, quizzes, studies and innovative theory.

Receive an ongoing supply of materials throughout the year for group / one-on-one work.


Course Sessions:


Introduction to the Simply Me Model: (Sessions 1-2)

Key 1- The Key to Identification: (Sessions 3-5)

Key 2- The Key to the Inner Core: (Sessions 6-8)

Key 3- The Key to the Power of Thought: (Sessions 9-10)

Key 4- The Key to Body Talk: (Sessions 11-12)

Key 5- The Key to the Environment: (Sessions 13-14)

Key 6- The Key to Taking Action: (Sessions 15-16)


Course Bonus:


At the end of each session you receive a great bonus:

The Simply Me Digital Teacher's Kit
2 exercise and games workbooks per session that contain dozens of session plans, games, stories, exercises and activities for primary school and junior high students. You can download them - and they are yours forever!


Course Resources & Reading Materials


This course is based on the following Books, written by Dr. Orly Katz, Which is the Co-Founder of the Simply Me Academy.
All Books are available for purchase on Amazon:


Course Assignments:


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“I’m a very practical person, and it was important for me to receive training that would address a number of needs:
1. Training that would enrich me with original, empowering and fascinating material.
2. Training that would enable me to work as a group facilitator with a variety of target audiences.
And I have to say that this course definitely met my needs and even went beyond my expectations.
The material is varied, interesting and refreshing – this is exactly what I needed.
The course definitely opens doors, so go for it – big time!”

Sharon Tesler

“I have known Dr. Orly Katz for many years and have taken many of her fascinating and interesting courses!
As a coach for child empowerment, I am familiar with much of the material available in the market, but Orly always succeeds in teaching me new techniques and I always come away from her courses feeling revitalized and motivated.
Orly, you are my Energy Boost!
There’s no doubt about it, the Simply Me courses are practical, innovative and insightful.
Im already looking forward to the next course!”

Zohar Mor

“A fascinating and insightful course that has opened a window of opportunity in the education system for students and teachers, and has personally improved my role as a parent.
The 6 Keys of the Simply Me Model can be adapted to many target audiences. As a life coach, specializing in adults and youth, the materials I got during the course have greatly helped me in my work.
Each Key opens up a world of games and activities that can be used in group facilitation or in ono-on-one coaching sessions. The course is presented in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and the toolbox is invaluable.
I wholeheartedly recommend the course!”

Adi Harari

“As a sports teacher and coach with more than 15 years of experience, my life changed drastically following a severe sports injury. The course opened up a whole new world, both professionally and personally. This material is a must for all professionals. I do the exercises and activities with my students and my coachees and the results are amazing.
And to you Orly - thanks for allowing me to be Simply Me.
You are a true source of inspiration!
Simply thanks!"

Mona Bordi

“I took the training course in the framework of my work as a volunteer at a center for autistic children. I am the mother of three autistic children and have a BA in psychology. During the course, I went through an incredible process of change, both as a parent of children with special needs and as a professional. I am now an accredited certified group facilitator and work according to the Simply Me Model. I feel honored to have the opportunity to impart the vitality and energy that fill me every day to those who work in special education, and particularly to parents who have the challenge of raising children with special needs. I recommend both the training course and Dr. Orly Katz!”

Sophie Bohdana

"Dear Orly, your course in engaging, clear and straight forward! I love the way you divide it into short video clips; it makes it easier to absorb the material. The course empowers both adults and children, it is varied and practical, and I think that it has given me a strong foundation to continue my work. The Simply Me Academy team was always available for me. Every time I called or texted, I was answered. And that of course enhanced my enjoyment and my admiration for you. Thanks a lot!"

Esti Zohar

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F.A.Q.s about the course:

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee:


We invite you to sign up to our online courses and try out our first session.
If for any reason during the first session you are not 100% satisfied,
notify us by email before you receive the second session,
and we will refund you the full amount you paid.

Join the Simply Me family and together we will make a difference!

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