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Simply Me - Empowering Parents to Empower Children
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Course Description:


Dear parents,

We all see our children struggling, suffering, angry, or hurt and we don’t know how to help them:


These are some of the issues we address in the online course for parents:
Simply Me - Empowering Parents to Empower Children

So how can we help our children to succeed, feel fulfilled and motivated with a sense of purpose?




The answer is very simple:

We need to believe in our children, Because if we don’t believe in them, no one else will!

But first and foremost we need to believe in ourselves —as parents and as human beings!

First, we must identify what empowers us, ourselves, and then pass on this knowledge to our children!

And this is exactly what we will do in this course!




This course provides you, the parents, with tools for your personal empowerment through games, exercises, stories, activities, questioners and innovative theory.

Once you have experienced the program firsthand, you will receive training on how to independently impart these tools to your children (ages 4-8 / 8-12 / 12-16) based on the Simply Me Model:

6 simple and easy to implement Keys that will reveal the secret of how to build character and raise self-confident children: children who know how to be Simply Me!


Course Introduction:

Click here to read the introduction (for ages 4-8 / ages 8-12 / ages 12-16)




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Become an influential, meaningful and empowering figure in the lives of your children!

Course Learning Outcomes:

During the course we’re going to learn:

Lots of action and fun ‒ so let's get started!


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Enrich yourselves with original games, exercises, stories, questionnaires, quizzes, studies and theory.

How you and your children will benefit from this course

You will:

Children who feel good with themselves will also feel good in their environment, and these are the kind of children we want to raise.

Something amazing happens when children are happy and self-confident: they are able to effectively cope with and overcome difficulties in their lives!




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Course Sessions:


Key 1- The Key to Identification:

Key 2 - The Key to the Inner Core:

Key 3 - The Key to the Power of Thought:

Key 4 - The Key to Body Talk:

Key 5 - The Key to the Environment:

Key 6 - The Key to Taking Action:


Course Bonuses:


Course Resources and Reading Materials


This course is based on the following Books, written by Dr. Orly Katz, Which is the Co-Founder of the Simply Me Academy.
All Books are available for purchase on Amazon:


Course Assignments:


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Former British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould:

"To wonderful Dr. Orly Katz!
You have no idea how happy I am that in my search for an online course, I miraculously found yours!
You are a great instructor, candid and pleasant, and you make so much sense. My only regret is that I didn’t discover you when my children were young.
But it’s never too late to learn! Thank you!” ".

Zippora Biton

"The course gave me a much deeper understanding of child development and empowerment!"

Yevgenia Levi

“I really enjoyed the course, learned a ton, and had great experiences. I also received helpful and empowering tools for working both with my students and my own children.”

Osnat Geva

“This is the first time I had the guts to take an online course! But so far, I am managing and enjoying every minute. I'm learning a lot of new things and I especially enjoy your stories about your own personal challenges with your own children. They are certainly encouraging and empowering. Thanks so much.”

Judith Dayan

“I loved it! The sessions are very professional, yet informal and relaxed, and I always learned something new that motivated me to take action. I talked to my children about the course, brought them on board, and we really enjoyed working together on the various topics.”

Tami Hameir

“It’s an interesting and enriching course that provides excellent tools for working with children and strengthening their self-esteem and communication skills. I recommend it for all parents and educators."

Iris Temankin Manor

"The course is very important for parents and especially for teachers and facilitators. I gained many tools that will serve me well in the future and which I will pass on to my children. Thank you so much for a great course!"

Dina Reichman Shternberg

"I benefited from the transparency of the course and learned a lot about myself, my children, and how important and empowering it is to be there for them and really listen to them. Unfortunately, in our busy lives we overlook a lot of issues and consequently make mistakes. The course taught me how to get out, and stay out, of that situation by looking ahead and making the right choices.
As John Lennon said: ‘Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.'"

Avivit Shalom Grossman

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F.A.Q.s about the course:

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