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"Dear Orly,
In every lesson you empower us with tools that help us and our children to learn about ourselves. It's amazing! I am implementing the material and loving it!

Liat Menashe

"Every session empowered me with so much insight all over again"!

Esther Rokach-Hadassah

"I have worked in the field of education for 4 years, and wow, this program provides me with so many tools. I must say that I was surprised at how many mistakes I have made as a teacher and as a father even though I had good intentions."

Nigel Bowden

"Wow!!!! There are no words to thank you enough for such an enriching and empowering course filled with the tools we have gained. All the activities are great and generate respectful and empowering dialogue between parents and children, teachers and students. The courses are a must for all schools everywhere! One little big word - thanks!"

Mizel Ben Shabbat-Moran

"You're amazing. Your course is one of the best I have taken (and as a veteran teacher, I have participated in many courses and seminars). I think this should be every teacher's Bible, in fact everyone's Bible: parents, counselors, teachers, coaches, professors. I listen to your courses over and over again, and I find myself talking about you to many of my colleagues and acquaintances and I recommend they take your course."

Avital Yaffa

"Both I and my students enjoyed personal and empowering experiences during our work on the Simply Me Model. The activities gave the students the opportunity to listen to their peers and understand that they are not alone. In one of the activities we did, one of the students shared her strengths and the other children applauded her. Her response was: 'It makes me feel good to be applauded, I didn’t know how good it could feel ...' I would like to thank you Orly for the many and varied activities, games, stories, questionnaires and exercises that improved the students' self-image, created a positive classroom climate and strengthened personal empowerment. Well done!"

Zehava Horowitz

"I'm just stunned by the number of tools the Simply Me Model has given me, both personally and professionally. I feel that every word is true, both as a school teacher and as a mother. I have gained so much confidence from it."

Thelma Norman

Featured Courses:

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