Women, Decode the Law of Attraction

Dr. Orly Katz (Creative Books Publishers International)

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"I've got a successful husband, two wonderful children and a great corporate job. So why aren't I happy? I don't even know at this point what I want out of life."

"Well, I certainly know what I want," another woman responded. "I want a man – a partner and a friend. I've had it with losers. That's the only type I attract."

"I just want a little peace and quiet," a third woman declared. “I want to be able to say 'no' and to feel okay about it."

Help is on the way in this new and innovative book, the first coaching book
written exclusively for women.

Author Dr. Orly Katz, is the founder of O.K. Coaching – The Women’s Coaching Center, and is an international, life, business and career coach for women (PCC) and an experienced workshop facilitator. Orly, married and a mother of three, reveals the six Codes of the Law of Attraction she developed in her work with thousands of women.
These codes are six keys that can open doors to a new life.


The Codes of the Law of Attraction reveal that it takes much more than "positive thinking" to achieve want you want in life. It takes special action on your part as well.

As you read the book, you’ll join Orly on a journey on which:
• You’ll meet your NAFs- Your Negative Attraction Factors, discover the NAFs that plague women in particular, and learn how to stop letting your NAFs lead you to attract precisely what you don’t want into your life.
• You’ll discover the most important things in your life: Your passions, loves and personal values.
• You’ll understand the power of thinking and its ability to generate a new reality.
• You’ll rediscover your intuition and identify the connection between listening to your body and improving your ability to attract.
• You’ll see how great an influence your environment has on you, and how it can support you in attracting what you want in your life.
• You’ll step out of your "comfort zone" and start taking action in order to attract the reality you long for.
In other words, you'll make yourself an "attractive" woman!

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