The Simply Me Academy:

The Simply Me Academy advocates leadership, empowerment and self-esteem,
while focusing on the Parent-Teacher-Child triangle!

We provide you with tools for your own personal empowerment in the form of
games, exercises, stories, activities questionnaires and innovative theory,
based on the Simply Me Model.

Once you have personally used and experienced the tools,
you teach them to your students, children or other adults,
with instructions from us on how to adapt them and make them age appropriate.

Remember, a child needs an adult to believe in him, and that adult should be you!


Continue your education with our online accredited courses!

(Certificate with CEUs or Certificate without CEUs)

Our Target Audience:


The Simply Me Academy offers a vital set of tools
to anyone who works with children or is raising children
and would like to benefit from a toolbox of invaluable educational materials
for their own empowerment and the empowerment of the young generation.

Our online courses are primarily, but not exclusively,
for teachers, educators, parents, educational counselors, psychologists, principals,
coaches, mentors, group facilitators, lecturers,
public Secotor Employees & municipality workers.


Earn 2 - 4 CEUs and a certificate:


Earn the number of CEUs that match your needs.
Earn a certificate that records your CEUs, contact hours, and course completion!

Start now and study at your own pace:


All courses are self-paced so you can learn at your convenience – morning, afternoon, evening, night.
No need to be online at a specific time!


Why an online course?

  • No need to leave home!
  • No need for a babysitter!
  • No need to worry about parking!
  • You can sit in your pajamas and slippers,
    with a cup of coffee anywhere, anytime,
    and simply have fun learning!

Simply Me Bonuses


as part of each online course


A great tool box of educational materials:


  • Games
  • Stories
  • Questionnaires
  • Studies
  • Exercises
  • Innovative Theory

Innovative and original theory presented through:


  • Video clips
  • Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Resources & reading material
  • Interactive Questionnaires

Evaluate your progress

Assess your learning progress with the following:
  • Course Discussion Forum
  • Multiple-Choice Questionnaire
  • Final Paper
Receive grades and feedback about your performance.

Affordable for everyone!


Give Yourself the Gift of Knowledge!

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