How well do you know your children?

Do you sit round the table together with your children for

supper during the week? Do you talk together,

share your hopes, dreams and aspirations,

ask questions, listen, show an interest,

laugh and enjoy each other’s company?

The Supper Quiz will help you:

  • Discover what your children are really passionate about!
  • Find out what your children are interested in!
  • Indicate the quality of your relationship is with your children!
  • Increase your children’s self esteem and confidence in themselves and in you!

Parents, your children’s self confidence and self esteem is in your hands!

Dear parents, thank you for choosing to check out our site.
Please take a look around!

We all want what’s best for our children, we all want them to have the very best start, and you are definitely parents who have also decided to be pro-active and do something about that!

I have always been fascinated by the world of children and teenagers. When I became a mother, I started searching out information and methods for working with children.

As I learnt more I became more fascinated, and my thirst for knowledge grew and grew.

I quickly discovered that most of the information ‘out there’, concentrated on methods for shaping children’s behavior:

How to set boundaries for children;
How to make them listen to us;
How to create a pleasant co-operative atmosphere;
Obligations as well as rights;
When and how to correct or punish our children etc etc…

There was something missing, something that I couldn’t find in all the books I read.

or all the workshops, seminars and lectures I attended.
That something was the techniques and tools to raise the child’s own self confidence and self esteem.

How do we effectively empower children to successfully navigate their way through this world?

Only those children who feel good about themselves;

who feel completely at ease with whom they are; who have confidence and trust in their own abilities, are children who get along with those people around them.

Such children have solid, strong relationships with their parents.
They are in short the children we all want to raise!
I decided to do something about filling this gap…

and quickly realized that I would have to work on three levels:

In this way I’ve spent most of my professional life, developing simple methods and easily applicable tools, to help children grow up with high self esteem and a positive self image!

When parents discover how to raise children who feel good about who they are, something else also wonderful happens:

their relationship with us, their parents, and with their teachers improves too.

Children with self confidence and self esteem:

Dear parents and teachers, I hope that you enjoy reading the material in this site, and I wish you many happy times along with your children!

Orly Katz
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